Virtual Reality Development Project

VRD, (Virtual Reality Development), as coined by Prof. J. S. Ginther, is a software development environment and methodology that takes the best ideas of SCRUM and AGILE, resolves some of the associated limitations, to create a fun and effective way for developers to create software solutions and games. Even total beginners can participate to learn new skills; get recognition and credit for development, add aquired experience to resumes; and be conidered for online job positions. All participants are volunteers, releasing all rights and ownwership of code to Alien Cat StudiosĀ® but may be included in profit sharing on successful projects. This system is ideal for students who can't commit to strict working schedules and need flexibility to work on projects and develop new skills in their free time. One goals is to "gamify" the work environment so developers are actually working in a virual online reality and playing games while creating real games and code. In the future, Alien Cat StudiosĀ® software division hopes to supply regular employment for developers who will be free to live and work anywhere in the world, wherever they have internet access.